Dérizum is skin care approved by beauty professionals

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Supervisor Ebisu Medical Beauty Clinic Dr. Aiko Kawabata, director

Recommended by beauty writers and makeup artists!

Removes makeup easily! Great for eyelash extensions

Hair and makeup artist Saori Imaizumi

The water-based cleanser removes makeup easily and completely, and leaves the skin soft after wiping! Since it doesn’t contain any oil, you don’t have to worry about your eyelash extensions falling off. So definitely recommended if you have extensions!! The toner instantly permeates deep into the skin. Pad with cotton, and your skin is even suppler. I think it improves the clarity of your skin when you use the entire series.

Perfect before base makeup! Skin care that prepares skin for long-lasting makeup

Hair and makeup artist Naoko Washizuka

The key to long-lasting makeup is to give your skin enough hydration, and this series is perfect for it. It conditions the skin without affecting base makeup because it’s not oily or heavy. Hydration begins at the cleansing stage, so it’s great for dry skin too.

Simple & easy! Permeates thoroughly – the longer you wait, the moister it gets

Cosmetology instructor and manicurist Sanae Wada

The wipe-away cleanser easily removes makeup so it’s perfect when you get home all tired. It should be great for sensitive skin because it’s not harsh or cold to touch. The toner and lotion are light but permeate thoroughly into the skin, making your skin moister as you wait. Also, I love how their rich cream thins out smoothly and is not sticky. Those who have sensitive skin should try the entire series.

Hypoallergenic but hydrates well! Skin care that gives hope to unstable skin

Beauty writer Yukiko Kitahara

Hypoallergenic skin care that hydrates well is something that was possible, but never existed before. Today, 2 in every 3 people consider themselves to have sensitive skin. But hypoallergenic skin care products tend to not provide enough hydration or beauty effects. Dérizum, on the other hand, seems not only to moisturize, but also help the turn-over of the skin, bringing out new skin. It’s a long-awaited skin care that many women with unstable skin can use on a continuous basis.