Safe-to-use, mild selection for your delicate skin “Derizum”, which supports sensitive skin care, is finally here.

Every woman has experienced the feeling that
“My skin isn’t good today”.The skin condition of women
changes every day due to the “turning point of the season”,
“hormone imbalance”, “stress”, etc.Derizum is a safe-to-use,
low-stimulus skin care product for use when your skin is sensitive.
Plenty of moisture is blended in to fight against “dryness”
which causes sensitive skin.This new type of skin care product
contains high-performance beauty ingredients,
provides potent skin care benefits, and is safe-to-apply for sensitive
skin.Derizum is the solution to skin problems including “roughness”,
“itching”, “rash” and “smarting”, and can help you regain
a healthy and naturally beautiful skin.

Safe-to-apply, sensitive care which is gentle to skin

1. Low-stimuli free from 7 ingredients

Free from seven ingredients which are stressful to skin such as paraben and alcohol, etc. The true beauty of your skin is brought out by reducing stress to your skin and improving its health.

2. Passed all 3 safety tests

Derizum passed hard-hitting safety tests.Only those that passed all three safety tests are brought to you.

*1 Some users may still experience stimulus, allergy or comedo (source of acne).

3. The same weak acidity as in our skin

Everyone from babies to adults has “weak acidity” in their skin.The barrier function of the skin works correctly when the acidity of the skin is weak, which protects skin from external stimuli such as dirt, sweat and bacteria.

*2 pH is used to measure acidity and alkaline.

The moisturing common ingredients of careful selection which moisturize firmly although it is a low stimulus.

Natural, pure ceramide 8 types of ceramide mix*

15 Amino acids

More than half of natural moisturizing factor (NMF) of the skin is made up of “amino acids”.Nine amino acids are blended in Derizum for deep-down hydration of the skin.


Moisturizing power that is approximately 6 times more than that of hyaluronan, preventing evaporation of moisture while producing a barrier film.Its effects persist even after washing your face.


Ceracute® forms a network structure on the surface of the skin to provide firmness.It keeps the skin youthful while contracting the face line and the skin around the pores.

Three permeable moisturizing ingredients

Permeable hyaluronan

Hyaluronan has super hydration (keeps the moisture in) which can hold six liters of water in 1g.Permeable hyaluronan provides serious hydration deep-down in your skin, because it has smaller molecules than the usual hyaluronan.


70% of our dermis is made up of collagen.It is in our skin originally, but decreases rapidly with age, causing wrinkles and sagging.Collagen is a must-have for keeping the skin youthful and resilient with a glowing complexion.

Permeable ceramide

Natural, live ceramide normalizes the barrier function of the skin to hold the moisture in.Permeable, succulent ceramide has smaller molecules than normal ceramide so that it replenishes moisture more quickly and more deeply.Skin bounces back from inside with glowing, smooth complexion.