Repair the barrier function of the skin to hold moisture firmly within

Ceramide is important in repairing the barrier
function of the skin to hold the moisture in.
Eight types of ceramides including natural pure ceramide
which is most important, type II, type III and type VI are
effectively mixed and blended in Derizum.Recovers normal
barrier function, replenishing moisture thoroughly deep inside your skin.

Q. What is “ceramide”?

Ceramide is a material component of “fatty acid” and “sphingoid”, which are originally found in our skin tissues.Ceramide moisturizes gaps between horny cells which hold in moisture.

Q. Is it true that ceramide levels decrease with age?

Yes. The skin’s ceramide levels decrease rapidly with increasing age. By the time we reach our 50s, they are thought to be one half compared to what they were in our 20s.

Q. How ceramide works?

The most important role of ceramide is to activate the “barrier function of the skin” in its normal state.The barrier function of the skin is important for protecting the skin from external stimuli such as bacteria and ultraviolet light, keeping the moisture in the skin.The skin with plenty of ceramide maintains desired skin with smooth surface, moisturized and resilient inside, because the barrier function works properly.

Q. What if your skin has a shortage of ceramide?

If there is a shortage of ceramide, it may cause roughness and dryness of the skin because the “barrier function of the skin” does not work well. The most effective short-cut to beautiful skin is to hold on to enough ceramide, because it may develop into “sensitive skin” if there is a chronic shortage of ceramide.

8types* of ceramide with different functions are blended in

*A ceramide-like ingredient is included.

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